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Dolan began slamming as a Slam Poet at New York City's Nuyorican Poets Cafe, where he gained respect as part of HBO's Def Poetry in 2002. He also used his skills to capture the Providence Poetry Slam title in both 2002 and 2003, and served as a member and coach to several national Slam teams before breaking with poetry slam in late 2003. 2003 also saw the first release of "The Failure," [at the time] a two-disc, homegrown demo full of Dolan's earliest work. After this self-release, Dolan disappeared from poetry slam to pursue more overtly musical projects, as well as his own contribution to the struggle against social injustice In 2003, he made a youth art-outreach program called "The Open Mics Project", and began counseling youth through rap and poetry in a variety of extremely diverse settings. In the midst of inventing the aesthetic seen in his most recent work, Dolan co-created and co-founded the website with former slam teammate and friend Sage Francis.[10] Dolan joined Francis on The Tour in support of the project, which is when Francis expressed interest in releasing a revised version of "The Failure" on Strange Famous Records Faced with the original demo's worldwide release, Dolan undertook the task of completely reworking the 2 year old "Failure." 2008 brought about the official re-release of "The Failure", which was trimmed down by a disc, and praised by all the critics. Only the story remains same; the listener is in a fallout shelter, listening to the recordings of the last man on earth. Since signing to SFR, Dolan has appeared on Sage Francis' Death Dance Tour and Buck 65's International Situation Tour. 2008 saw the release of the "Live Evel" vinyl EP, the May release of "The Failure" (feat Sage Francis, Alias, Sole, and more,) and an appearance on Prolyphic & Reanimator's debut album "The Ugly Truth" (May, SFR.) Dolan has toured very extensively in the US, as part of Sage Francis' Death Dance and Tours, as well as Buck 65's International Situation Tour, captivating audiences from coast to coast and announcing himself as a formidable new presence in the worlds of lyricism, performance art, and political action. on March 2, 2010 he Released:Fallen House, Sunken City


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