Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Intel shows disaster management tech at IDF, casts fireballs

Intel put some disaster management tech on display during a pre-IDF event yesterday and lucky for you, we got some hands-on time. The showcase focused on three main areas of disaster management: mitigation, preparedness and response. It included technologies such as connectivity provisions for disabled networks, energy management for distressed power grids, and -- by far to most impressive item on display -- fireballs! These spherical, rugged, low-cost, autonomous sensors are designed to be thrown into a fire and report data such as temperature, free-volatiles and air quality to first responder trucks via WiFi. Vital information such as the hottest spot and the chemical composition of a fire can be sent to both the firefighters' smartphones and the backend offices. Initial readings make it easier to assess the situation before sending in human life. Check out the fireballs and more of this disaster management tech in our gallery below.

Dante Cesa contributed to this report.

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