Tuesday, 6 September 2011


We at bonesbeats dont just post bands/artists that people know , we like to get the unknown artists out there and me being a lover of underground hip/hop / spoken word artists , i come across this young lady from  Bunbury, Australia by the name of  kadyelle , we first got talking about our love of sage francis ( come on who dont love sage francis ) .. Anyway i would like you to give kadyelle a listen , personally i think we have the next dessa on our hands , her new cd is out soon titled earth worthy , if you like what you hear be sure to check her out on her facebook page , just search  "  katy kadyelles sommervilles " , i hope you enjoy this tune as much as i did


Kadyelle-Im-Gone.mp3 Listen on Posterous



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Source: http://music.johnnywaffles.net/2010/08/23/kadyelle-im-gone

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